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Vitamin A : Top 25 Vitamin A Rich Food List

Vitamin A : Top 25 Vitamin A Rich Food List – We want a sound body, brain, and spirit once and for all health. Hence, it must develop and take up a disciplined lifestyle. You can perform this by exercising, caring for skin and locks and healthy diet.

Eye care is the most crucial habit that can be easily achieved by removing contact lenses before sleeping, not really watching Television screen carefully, putting on glasses with all the pc, taking healthy diet by which includes Vitamin A wealthy food.

Vitamin A should be contained in your daily food diet to stay healthy. This promotes healthful working, development of the optical eyes, teeth, pores and skin, smooth cells, mucus walls, skeleton, and disease fighting capability. Vitamin A is vital for appropriate development, to fight a large number of diseases and keep maintaining the reproductive system.

Vitamin A are available in various fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and milk products. To be noted is, Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that originates from the unsaturated hydrocarbons such as retinal, vitamin a, and beta-carotene. Carotenoids possess alpha, beta and gamma carotene that convert into Vitamin A. Carotenoids will be dark-colored pigments that are located in herb foods and get changed into Vitamin A as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene can be an antioxidant, which pays to safeguard your cells from harm credited to free foncier. Free radicals cause several chronic diseases and are among the most crucial known reasons for aging. Beta-carotene supplements are also beneficial to reduce the threat of malignancy.

You will find two types of Vitamin A that are from the dietary plan. Preformed Vitamin A can be acquired from animal products want cheese, seafood, poultry meats, and dairy products foods. Whilst, pro-vitamin A is extracted from plant-based foods like fruits or vegetables. Beta-carotene is the most typical kind of pro-vitamin A that may also be obtained from health supplements. It really is advised to keep up the required degree of Vitamin A to remedy numerous health issues.

Top 25 Vitamin A Rich Food List :

1 . Turkey Liver Organ

Most animals’ livers are filled up with vitamins and nutrients. They could be made by steaming or frying with onions and various healthy natural herbs. Which is why is this source a fairly scrumptious food abundant with vitamin A.

Make sure they are your delicious chicken supper. You can even add turkey liver organ to the gravy or stuff them to get many vitamins and nutrients . 100-gram poultry liver organ provides you 1507% of the Vitamin A required every day. 100 grams Chicken Liver organ contain 273 calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g
TURKEY Liver organ 72372 IU 228 g

2. Beef Liver

When we talk about foods abundant with vitamin A, how do we leave in back of the beef liver? The liver organ is the richest way to obtain Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They have been used for most hundreds of years to treatment anemia. A 100-gram meat liver provides you 300% of your necessary Vitamin A for each day. 100 grams of Meat Liver consists of 135 calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A found in IU (International Devices ) Calories from fat 100 g
BEEF Liver organ 31718 IU 191 g

3. Butternut Squash

The butternut squash is yellow-orange in color and it is a wealthy way to obtain beta- carotene. This kind of gets changed into Vitamin A within you. This dark orange squash preferences delicious and has nutty and nice taste. One glass butternut squash will provide you with 450% of the daily needed Vitamin A. In addition, it contains Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber that is wonderful for wellness.

Food Source Vitamin A found in IU (International Products ) Calorie consumption 100 g

4. Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are consumed in Northern India widely. We realize these spicy and crunchy flavored green leaves by the name of ‘sarsoo ka saag’. In some right parts, this is also known as leaf mustard. It includes the utmost nourishment in comparison to some other green leafy vegetables. You are able to consume them raw or cooked, as they have excellent taste and diet. Thus giving 118% of the daily needed Vitamin A. Also, they are the richest way to obtain manganese, calcium mineral, carotenes, folate, dietary fiber, proteins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin K, and several antioxidants.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Systems ) Calories from fat 100 g

5. Whole Milk

Dairy is even tastier than skimmed dairy, as it is wealthy and creamy. Dairy has more vitamins and minerals than skimmed dairy. One glass of dairy consists of adequate calcium, proteins, Vitamins D, A, and magnesium. In addition, it contains excess fat that may be consumed in moderate amount.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g
Entire MILK 676 IU 300 g

6. Dried out Basil

Vitamin A is filled up with anti-oxidants which are crucial for eyesight. This is helpful for proper maintenance of healthy mucus membranes and pores and skin. Dried out basil is usually abundant with Vitamin A, that may stop your body against chest and mouth cancers. This kind of dried out basil has an extremely versatile flavor and taste that may be added to the majority of the laundry you prepare. Add these to any foods to obtain Vitamin A as well as for flavor enhancement. 100-gram dried out tulsi will provide you with 15% of the daily needed amount of Vitamin A.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Devices ) Calories from fat 100 g

7. Iceberg Lettuce

Dark green vegetables will be the healthiest food. Light green Iceberg lettuce is also the richest way to obtain Vitamin A. They could be put into your salads and sandwiches to really get your everyday dependence on Vitamin A. One glass Iceberg lettuce gives you10 calories, and different other essential vitamins and nutrients required.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Products ) Calorie consumption 100 g

8. Peas

Add these types of lovely green peas on your side dish of any kind of dish as a wholesome health supplement. One ½ glass pea can provide 134% of the mandatory value of Vitamin A, and 62 calorie consumption. They also include a good amount of Vitamins K, C, and B.

Meals Source Vitamin A in IU (International Systems ) Calories from fat 90 g
PEAS 801 IU 84 g

9. Tomatoes

Some organic studies have proven that tomatoes are fruits. Put these to your daily food diet, as they contain low calorie consumption and many essential vitamins and nutrients . One tomato can provide twenty percent of the Vitamin A necessary for a day. Also, they are a wealthy way to obtain vitamin C and lycopene.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g
TOMATOES 833 IU 18 g

10. Spinach

Add spinach on your daily food diet for a wholesome existence. One-cup spinach can offer 49% of the daily needed worth of Vitamin A. Spinach is also the richest way to obtain Vitamin C, manganese, iron, Vitamin E, and calcium mineral.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Devices ) Calories from fat 100 g
SPINACH 9376 IU 23 g

11. Kale

Kale is utilized popularly for prevalent garnish. They flavor delightful and also have many nutrition. Add these to your daily food diet for good health insurance and Vitamin A. One glass kale can provide you 200% of the required vitamin A.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Products ) Calorie consumption 100 g
KALE 15376 IU 50 g

12. Carrots

Carrots often come to your brain when you think of Vitamin A and vision health. They are usually the best treatment to improve attention vision with a great many other health advantages. One carrot will provide you with 200% of daily recommended vitamin A. Carrots contain vitamins B also, C, T, magnesium, and fiber in variety.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Systems ) Calories from fat 100 g
CARROTS 16705 IU 41 g

13. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes happen to be delicious in taste and also have high nutritive value. 1 special potato gives 438% of the daily needed Vitamin A and 103 calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g
Lovely POTATOES 19217 IU 90 g

14. Mangoes

Mangoes will be the most loved fruits in virtually any area of the world. They have sugary, succulent, tangy flavor. This is put into the primary dish or in desserts. It really is filled up with nutrition and vitamins that promote a healthy diet plan. One glass mango can provide 36% from the daily needed amount of Vitamin A and 107 calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Devices ) Calories from fat 100 g
MANGOES 765 IU 65 g

15. Peaches

Peaches has an extremely scrumptious taste and has superb vitamins and minerals. Peaches contain a great amount of magnesium, Vitamin C, calcium mineral, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. One peach can offer 10% of the daily needed Vitamin A and 59 calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Products ) Calorie consumption 100 g
PEACHES 326 IU 39 g

16. Papaya

Papaya is an exotic fruits that is filled up with nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and vitamin antioxidants. One papaya can provide 29% of the daily needed vitamin A. The papaya could be consumed in lots of ways such as natural, put into salads or on smoothies.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Systems ) Calories from fat 100 g
PAPAYA 1094 IU 39 g

17. Reddish Bell Pepper

Bell peppers make a great tasting veggie that is consumed raw or cooked. Raw bell peppers are crispy in consistency and can be utilized in salads and dips. Cooked bell peppers possess smoky, nice taste that is utilized to improve the flavor of other meals. Red Bell peppers have a mildly sweet taste that can be used to prepare pimentos and paprika. Red peppers may also be added to veggie dip, scrambled eggs, and pasta meals. This includes many health advantages, because they are a wealthy way to obtain antioxidants including Vitamin A, lycopene, Vitamin C.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g

18. Cod Liver organ Essential oil

Cod liver organ essential oil supplements will be the richest way to obtain vitamins and nutrients . Cod liver organ oil comes in water and capsule form, which includes the remarkable amount of Vitamin A, D, and sottish 3 essential fatty acids. One tablespoon of cod liver organ essential oil can provide you required Vitamin A value for your day and 126 calorie consumption .

Foodstuff Source Vitamin A in IU (International Devices ) Calories from fat 75 g
COD LIVER Essential oil 100014 IU 902 g

19. Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit drink has good nutrition love potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium mineral, W vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin A, and phytonutrients. These essential nutrition support the disease fighting capability of the body to fight ailments and healthy and strong life.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Products ) Calorie consumption 100 g

20. Fortified Oatmeal

Oatmeal is used as a staple breakfast time in countries. It really is filled with nutrition and it is the richest way to obtain soluble fiber. They contain a reasonable amount of phosphorus, potassium, nutrients, and iron. Oatmeal can provide you 29% in the daily needed vitamin A and 159 calorie consumption.

Meals Source Vitamin A in IU(International Systems ) Calories from fat 95 g

21. Paprika

Paprika is typically the most popular spice found in South American, Sri Lankan, Indian, and Spanish food. They have a fiery, pungent flavor that may be put into your virtually any favorite dish for health advantages so that as a flavor booster. One tablespoon gives 69% of the daily needed Vitamin A. this has potassium also, calcium mineral, and Vitamin C.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g
PAPRIKA 52742 IU 289 g

22. Cantaloupe

They contain delicious flesh with a sweet stink and are bright yellow-orange in color. They are able to cure and stop the body from various illnesses. Cantaloupes are lower in calorie consumption and extra fat. They have many essential vitamins and nutrition that promote good health. They may have yummy taste and can be utilized in fruits salad, treat, or dessert. One sand wedge of Cantaloupe gives you 120% of the needed Vitamin A for your day and twenty three calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Devices ) Calories from fat 100 g

23. Turnip Greens

Add leafy vegetables to your everyday diet once and for all health. Turnip Greens are extremely low in calorie consumption, saturated in nutrition, and are easy to prepare. Turnip Greens require cooking food or steaming for usage. This gives a lift with their nutritive value to get assimilated within you.

Food Source Vitamin A in IU(International Products ) Calorie consumption 100 g

24. Dried out Apricots

Dried out apricots are a delicious snack, plus they contain many nutritional vitamins, anti-oxidants, and energy. Dried out apricots are also the richest way to obtain Vitamin A. One glass of dried out apricot can provide you 94% of the needed Vitamin A and 313 calorie consumption.

Food Source Vitamin A found in IU (International Systems ) Calories from fat 100 g

25. Dried out Marjoram

Dried out Marjoram is definitely added for his or her unique tastes and many health advantages. Dried out marjoram is the wealthy way to obtain vitamin A. 100-gram can provide you 161% of the needed Vitamin A for your day. You can even add them to numerous meals to get 271 calorie consumption .

Food Source Vitamin A in IU (International Models ) Calorie consumption 100 g

Health Benefits of Vitamin A

A. Vitamin A Skin Benefits

1 . Pimples

The majority of us have problems with this prevalent epidermis trouble – Acne pimples.

Include fresh carrots, apricots, and apples in what you eat to eliminate acne. Vitamin A assists with reducing acne issues, especially among people suffering from moderate to severe acne problems, as it decreases excess natural oils creation in your skin. The usage of Vitamin A for acne cases are quite effective.

2 . Lines and wrinkles

Vitamin A contains huge levels of beta-carotene and retinol, a robust antioxidant, which may battle the free of charge radicals in your skin layer. As a result regular intake of vitamin A reduces the looks of good lines, dark pigmentation and spots.

3. Skin conditions

Studies show that vitamin A assists with recovery serious acne, warts, sun rosacea and damage. You are able to either take it orally or by means of topical planning to reap maximum rewards.


Vitamin A assist in the reconstruction of the new pores and skin cellular material by updating the deceased cells. The brand new cells lead to the forming of healthy and easy epidermis , which would eventually reduce stretchmarks.

Natural home remedies

a. Papaya Face Load up

Blend papaya pulp with lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Apply this on that person and allow it stay for quarter-hour before rinsing off. That is an instant pores and skin brightening load up.

You can even mix papaya pulp with boiled green tea extract to produce a smooth paste. Apply this and keep for a quarter-hour before rinsing off. That is an anti ageing face pack and really should be employed double weekly for best results.

b. Carrot Face Bunch

Make a paste of boiled potato and carrots. To this, put in a pinch of turmeric natural powder and honey. Blend well to create an easy paste and apply upon that person. Keep it on intended for ten minutes and wash away with cold water.

You can even make a mixed veggie face bunch by causing a paste of various boiled vegetables like celery, potato, cabbage etc . Combine well to create a clean paste. And keep for 20 minutes apply. Clean away with cold water.

c. Special Potato Juice

Grate lovely potato and extract the juice. Apply this juice around that person and keep for quite a while until it dries. Clean away with tepid to warm water. The drink of the special potato assists reduce lines and wrinkles and spiffs up your skin.

d. Pumpkin Encounter Pack

If you’re experiencing pimples, try out this face pack.

Steam and puree the pumpkin to get ready the pulp. Have a teaspoon of the puree and involved with it add 1 egg white. Blend well to create a soft paste. Apply and keep for 20 moments. When the pack dries away completely, wash with hot water. Utilize this face pack at least double weekly for effective results.

e. Mango Deal with Pack

In the pulp of just one 1 ripe mango, put 2 teaspoons of gram flour (besan). Then add 1 teaspoon of honey and blend well to create a clean paste. Apply all around the face and keep for quarter-hour before rinsing off with cold water . This face pack can be an extremely hydrating one during summers and also really helps to take out unwanted tanning.

5. Healthful Scalp

Vitamin A really helps to produce the right amount of sebum inside the head, which prevents the head and the locks coming from drying. The antioxidants in vitamin A regulate the oil secretion and therefore lead to a healthy scalp.

6. Helps prevent Damage

Because of its high focus of antioxidants, vitamin A prevents the forming of free foncier, thus protecting the hair from radical harm . It can help in repairing the natural vitality to the locks.

7. Reduces Dryness

Vitamin A repairs dry out and damaged locks because of its reconstructive and regenerative properties. It creates the locks gentle and soft . Our conditioners contain vitamin E and A derivatives in them.

8. Decreases Dandruff

Vitamin A really helps to regulate the sebum creation in the head. It, therefore, reduces the forming of the dermititis flakes. Regular intake of green leafy vegetables, liver organ, parmesan cheese can reduce dried out dermititis.



9. Fights Contamination

It can help in the development of white bloodstream cells or lymphocytes that assist combat attacks inside our body.

10. Healthy Vision

Vitamin A is very important to healthy eyesight. The body changes it into retinaldehyde, which can be essential for eyes. Night time blindness, triggered by the scarcity of vitamin A can be healed if we take vitamin A supplements.

11. Ocular Diseases

It will help battle off ocular conditions like cataract, glaucoma and also other age-related eyesight diseases.

12. Healthy Bones

For healthy and balanced bone fragments, include vitamin A in your diet as the body changes it into retinoic acidity that is absorbed by the bone fragments.

13. Strong Tooth

Our teeth are comprised of a difficult substance called the dentin which requires vitamin A because of its natural power and hardness.

14. Reconstruction

Vitamin A assists with the development of new cells and tissue by updating the old ones.

15. Urinary Rocks

Some have problems with the issue of kidney or gallbladder rocks. These small stones are comprised of calculi which usually distress, nausea, and nausea. Vitamin A produces calcium mineral phosphate which assists with preventing these stones.

16. Defense mechanisms

It helps to keep our disease fighting capability strong and healthy. Vitamin A maintains epidermis and mucous membrane layer cells healthy. It’s important for the development and maintenance of the epithelial cells in the internal linings of the organs.

17. Tumor Cells

It’s been analyzed that vitamin A functions as an inhibitor to get the creation of growth cells in the torso.

18. Stop Cancer

The main advantage of vitamin A is that it can help to hold cancer away. Regular the consumption of vitamin A in what you eat prevents the creation of GENETICS in the cancerous cells.

19. Endocrine System

It takes on an important role in correct working of the kidney, liver organ, and the urinary tract.

20. Curing Properties

Vitamin A continues to be proved showing great improvement in the recovery of injuries, marks, burns, etc . as it can help in the regeneration of new and healthy cells. A lot of the ointments are abundant with vitamin A.

21. Storage space

It can help in the storage space and transformation of fat and synthesis of proteins and glycogen inside our body.

How Much Should You Consume Vitamin A?

  • Avoid consuming them in low or large quantity . This may have got undesirable health effects.
  • Extreme intake of Vitamin A contributes to central anxious system disorders, lower bone nutrient denseness, birth defects, liver organ abnormalities, brittle bones, etc
  • Vitamin A may cause maternal mortality, reduce capability to fight attacks, night time blindness, xerophthalmia, keratomalacia, measles, diarrheal and respiratory infections, decreased development price, slow bone development, and so on
  • Vitamin A supplements must be consumed only after acquiring proper discussion from your physician.
  • Most foods inside our daily food diet contain some amount of Vitamin A.
  • Many multivitamins supplements can also match the dependence on Vitamin A value.

That is our comprehensive set of Vitamin A rich foods. Wish it can help you think of a healthy yet delicious diet! Do leave us a review.

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